Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Hint of Fall

A year or so back my friend Lee and I were having coffee one cold afternoon and decided how nice it would be if we had a group of like-minded women to do the same as she and I had been doing all, bouncing ideas...that our husbands never really care to listen to, or hear anyway. We thought it would be great to be able to network, share skills and learn new ones. The handmade and vintage industry is booming and although easy to get into, it can be hard to get noticed.

Long story, short...there was a lot of interest and a group was formed within two months.  We became the Design Junkies.

This fall we are doing our first online Home Tour on Pinterest. Not every member has a blog, but most do have a Pinterest account and now we Junkies have a group account.

Looks like I am going to start us off...maybe since it was my bright idea...ya'll better jump know who you are!

Here are my pins...very simple...nothing to knock your socks off this year with my crazy schedule...but it does at least hint of fall...

 The Studio

The Studio Porch

The mums are a little slow opening...maybe I can get another picture later to replace this one


Thank goodness for the zinnias... I haven't done much more than two purple mums and two pumkins on our front porch. Who can compete with Mother Nature anyway, right?

I always go for purple and yellow mums

No wreath yet...just some Indian Corn tied with bailing twine

Just inside the front door
This is my seasonal alter. The little tree stays year round and the "toppings" change with the seasons and sometimes more a couple weeks this will be all about Halloween

I needed the tree to be a little taller to balance out the paintings behind it so I sat it in this little vintage compote a few years ago have never changed it....I love white pumpkins by the way!

Hooty Owl was made by someone that used to have a great little primitive shop near by. He's special and I always look forward to bringing him out in the Fall

The mantel has had basically the same layout since last Christmas...two pedetals, six candles and three apothecary jars and the wine barrel stave/votive holder made by a friend. It's easy to change candles and other accessories out each season. Maybe next year I can change my "system", but for now it's working without me having to think too hard!

The garland is a cheapo from Dollar Tree, but it's not terrible in a pinch
This was my lone surviving pumpkin...the only one to survive the bugs! So sad,  I had dozens of them! 

...and one more from Mother

I hope you will take a look at what the other Junkies have done this season. Not everyone is flying by the seat of her pants like I am so you are in for a treat!