Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Mat Class Pics

This is one I painted to give to my daughter for her first Christmas in her house

We spent a fun evening painting Christmas mats in The Loft at Southern Sisters Restaurant on Thursday. 

Joy, the owner and most energetic and creative soul I currently know, and I offered our ideas and these women took off and did a fabulous job injecting their own personalities into their mats. Don't you just giggle a little when you see everyone in a class holding up their cookie cutter art project for the camera?...did I just say that outloud??

Joy painted this one to use at her kitchen sink. 

In all the years I taught children's art classes I always encouraged individuality. Have you ever seen a child that was so frustrated because their "picture" wasn't the same as her friend's? We grow up believing we can't do something because our style or method may not be mainstream and we don't completely ever un-learn that part of our makeup. We are not supposed to be like anyone else. We're all unique and all perfect just the way we start out...okay, this is getting off track! Anywho...I loved that these ladies did their own thing!

It's amazing how fast two hours fly by when you're enjoying time with friends! Not everyone finished before we left but everyone took home something they can use for many years to come or give as a special gift this Christmas.

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