Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New at the Ranch - Antique chairs, typewriters and a red metal high chair

I know you must be wondering if I still have any antiques or vintage treasures among the handmade...I have a few really fun things actually!

How about this adorable red vintage high chair? This would be perfect in your country kitchen or a porch as a fern stand. It's so cute, I'm having a hard time not keeping it!

These awesome chairs are at least 100 years old and could be a little older. They're oak t-back dining chairs with original leather seats. I have six of them...one needs a minor repair but all in all they are great!

They work nicely with the table and are commonly used with this style. Although they're not a set I will consider selling them together. The table has an extra leaf as well.

Typewriters are such a fun novelty and accessory. The Woodstock is a 1925 manual model...some people use them on bookshelves, as bookends.

The red Olympia is midcentury and in working condition.

I absolutely love the case! 

We want to thank everyone for supporting our summer schedule! It won't be too much longer and we'll be open one weekend a month...but, until then come see us Wednesday or Thursday from
 11 to 5. 

See you soon!

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