What not to expect from our shop....

This isn't the most traditional way to present a description of one's business, but we've made some changes since reopening. We call our once a month opening, Open Studio. When you walk inside now you're actually in the candle studio...we stash a few things and clean off the worktable for the day.

We're more of a boutique for like minded folks who have made the choice to live a cleaner and greener lifestyle. Products we make or choose to sell are created with this in mind. 

In 2009 I retired from a 20 year career in art and design and was offered a unique opportunity to sell the contents of a semi trailer full of furniutre, and belongings. It was literally someone's whole life. I made it my mission to keep it from going to the landfill, which was where it was probably headed. That opportunity gave me a great start into the antique and vintage arena. There was a good variety of antiques and vintage finds and loads of salvage for upcycles and repurposing. I was really in junk heaven! 

After several years of keeping shop, selling online and maintaining antique booths it just got to be too much for one person to do and stay somewhat balanced and happy!  I was neglecting my daily life here on the farm and to add to the workload, we (my husband, daughter and I) took on a renovation project that would take over a year to complete. We decided to shut it all down in the Spring of 2014 except for the candle making.

Fast forward to today. Our daughter is a new mother and rather than rejoining the workforce she has joined me in the studio. She is the sole owner of Clean Candle Company and I am back upstairs in my studio space doing my thing with paint once again. 

We reopened the shop in March 2016 to debut the rebranding of the candle line. We're slowly evolving into a differnt kind of shop...almost an extention of our home, where we share what we love and what we're doing with our friends and neighbors. 

So, this is what you shouldn't expect from us:

Don't expect a store in town, or right off Main Street. We are in the beautiful rolling hills of Randolph County. When you plug our address into the GPS you may think you're off the beaten path, but really, Wal-Mart is on one end of our road and Hwy. 64 is on the other. You'll find your way out!

If you've been out here before you'll remember this is a real farm. If you haven't been, don't expect a pristine well groomed farmscape. You'll see some of the junk that goes with the lifestyle. Like I said, it's real. It's not the Junk Ranch for no reason! 

Our barn still serves as shelter to the last two horses we have here and to our dogs and cats. It has a dirt floor, hay in the loft and smells like farm animals. Maybe one day it will be pristine and someone will hang sparkel-y lights for newly married couples to dance their first dance under, but to us that will be a sad day.  

Whether you come in by the barn or by the house, the studio sets between them. Park at the barn or to the side of the circle drive. We don't expect a crowd but ya never know!

We're an art and candle studio, so don't expect a shop bursting full of antique and vintage treasures like it used to be and don't expect to see any vendors under tents each month. We won't have a band or food trucks. Sometimes we have wine and sometimes we have coffee or cider...and sometimes we have nothing! Sometimes we offer early shopping times for our newsletter subscribers and sometimes we don't. We'll always have friendly conversation with you when you come in and we'll try our best to make you feel at home. Because we're small, we'll always remember you the next time you're here.

 What you will find here on a regular basis are are soy candles. They are all handpoured in small batches using all natural ingredients.

 I have two soap maker friends that make all natural soaps and skincare products that we stock. You probably don't expect a small studio like ours to carry such a variety of soaps! These are soaps that our family uses daily and we love them! There's more to soap than just washing your skin! There's a soap for everything! We have baby soap, hunter's soap, all kinds of soaps for various skin conditions and we even have dog soap! We've printed a guide to help you make a good choice.

 During the growing season, we may have starter plants for your garden or even extra vegetables from our garden. I'd love to develop this end a little more at some point. We'll see! During the Christmas season we'll have more handmades than during the rest of the year.  We're reinventing and evolving, so don't expect the same things each visit.  

Don't expect that we've grown and expanded the sales area. In fact, it's smaller! The candle end of the business has grown and is expanding. We think this is fabulous! Our daughter is able to work from the studio and care for her son without daycare...with a little help from Gigi. I was fortunate to do the same thing here in this same studio with her and her brother...with a little help from Momaw.  

Don't expect regular business hours. We've tried that. We've tried all kinds of days and hours. What works best is being open all the time! We live here so why not? Our longtime customers know they can call us anytime they need a gift or a candle or want to bring a friend or relative by. If we're here we try to accomodate. It's that simple. Call, text, FB message and we'll work it out!

We do open one Saturday a month  Generally, it's the 3rd Saturday, but it's not written in stone. This is not a big event. Just a day we're here and keeping the door open. We may send you an EVENT invitation on Facebook but it's just to let you know in case you didn't see it posted.

But just so you know...
We're not a big shop, we don't have vendors, food and entertainment, and our farm is just a farm, not a venue. We'd still love for you to come out to see us. We work hard to bring you wonderful, natural handmade candles and soaps. Most of our handmade decorative items are made from recycled materials and are fun, and sometimes functional. Our art is original and and it too is sometimes functional. But, most importantly, all of our inventory was made with love!

When you shop here you're supporting dreams, families, and women in small businesses. You're supporting people that care about our environment, what we are putting on our skin and in the air we breathe.

Thank you! 


  1. Great Website!! enjoyed reading your story!

  2. Thank you for your nice comment. I hope you will come back again!