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...and to my little corner of the world. My degree says that I am an interior designer, and for as long as I can remember I have been an artist. Fortunately those two facets of myself work great together and I've had a wonderful career over the last 30 + years!


I've worked in this great field of art and design since graduating from college. One of my first jobs was working as a manager of a high end craft showroom in High Point, NC... The UnCommon Market. It was there that I first discovered floorcloths. I was introduced to a community of craft artisans that had taken their art to the highest level, formed an association and had their own showroom at Furniture Market. I was so enamoured at the passion these artists had for their crafts and so intrigued by floorcloth making that I began researching, experimenting and making floorcloths professionally in 1989.

One of my best selling floorcloths 
My first big break came from a feature in Country Living Magazine in April of that year and then almost overnight I was shipping my original designs from coast to coast. For over 20 years I exhibited my work locally in art guild shows and as a vendor at Furniture Market in High Point. On the national level, I was honored with my acceptance into the Western Design Conference in Cody, WY and made the trip out there for several this day, I still can't believe I was really a part of something so awesome!!

During the same 20 years, I also owned a small gallery, taught art classes and art camps for school children, and conducted art workshops for adults. 

Most recently, from 2009-2014, I opened a sales area in the downstairs portion of my studio here on our family farm as a little handmade and vintage shop. The shop served as gallery for my work, artfully displayed among vintage treasures I had specially chosen to resell. Although business was good...booming actually...I temporarily closed the shop to work on a larger project...

In March 2014, our family bought and began restoring a 70 year old cottage that would be our daughter's home. It took over a year to finish just the inside and was a labor of love. Today, it's the dollhouse we imagined and worth every ounce of blood sweat and tears involved!

This is the cottage in the late 40's  - early 50's when it was the cafe/office at the airport

I've had a great career that never really felt too much like work although it was a lot of long hours sometimes.
Today, our kids are grown and both have their own buisnesses they run from here on the farm. The good Lord gets all the glory for anything and everything that was ever accomplished here! I look back and am amazed at all that was accomplished!  I'm also amazed that 30 years have gone by so fast.

Our first grandchild arrived in July of 2016. I still love having my little studio and I love that the kid's work here on the farm. Most of all I love that it's time that I can slow down and enjoy being Gigi!

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